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Friday, March 30, 2012

~~ BFF Myth in the Australian Pinay community ~~


The Philippines, it is a country of wonderful and interesting myths, superstitions and ghost stories.
Of course, for many, it is the reason we fall in love with it and call it our second
country. For many it becomes a first home, especially later in life when female attention becomes a lot
thinner in numbers - well, non-existent really.

I have been pondering this, often over used, term in recent times.
After 14 years of enforced research, I am beginning to conclude that the BFF is as mythical in the Pinay community of Sydney as the aswang, talking trees and and honest Aquinos.
I've yet to find a BFF in this country that has lasted 10 years in the
Aussie Pinay community.

However, doing much better in the area of enduring reliability is the BHF (Best Hate Forever). Oh yes, two decades later and you can find wonderful blossoming hatred between many a former couple who once utilized the BFF term. Go to any karaoke party (try avoiding the endless weeks of made up gossip about you though) and talk to people.
Get to know them and then bring up the community ------ oh yes, you wi

ll find a delightful bubbling hot
cauldron of simmering hate just below that cute friendly surface.

This research has lead to my second sad realization about the Pinay community here in Australia.

Till next I share my words of wisdom, take care and be kind to each other (if you can).

Monday, March 26, 2012


Oh yes it is a rarity that I get out with old railfan mates and experience the old train photography hobby. It is a much enjoyed pastime that I am just now rediscovering after a extended period of deluding myself with ungrateful mongrels.
It is taking a while to catch up on what I have missed, but I am making a special effort to do just that.

So here is a brief look at a day out at North Strathfield with Illawarra mate Mr Trumpet (aka Shane).

God it seems all the women at Strathfield were whinging this day.

And since you have all been good loyal readers, I bring forth another random hornbag of no relevance to the store.