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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

While we await the next exciting installment of the Racquel slander case, please take time to enjoy a relevant video of interest. 

Monday, May 13, 2013

Howdee fans,
                      Firstly allow me to isssue an apology for my tardiness.

  I know many of my friends (yes, not all have left me as claimed) have been disappointed in the delay to get out the final chapter in this sage of Racquel's continued claims against me.
  However, by way of compensation, I have some other stuff, to be forthcoming, from a friend of hers on Facebook that has decided to share things relevant from her wall.

  I know. I to was dumbfounded also, gobsmacked even.


Note: Above is publically accessible Facebook title.

  However thats for the next report - for now we must catch up with what has been going on before the unprovable slander that has been aimed my way.

  Earlier mentioned offeres to catch up with the slanderer, her husband, the young girl in question and her mother was greated with a negative response. The slanderer (officially classed as such by solicitor) telling her husband she wishes to meet alone.
  REALLY - what do you have TO HIDE???
  If all is truthful and just, why would you not wish others to be there?
  Why?  A question that will never be answered.

  Then, after said request, why would you ring up on husbands behalf to inform he has quite his job. Can't he do so himself?
  Nice touch in trying to get my wife (who you said was ok) to loose her job.

  Problem is, legally, this does not concern her. Only spite leads to this sort of action.

  Not surprisingly, her husband is again looking for work, while her step daughter (who in my next post she claims to care about) looks also to have been forced to do the same.
  Almost as if there is a fear of the truth coming out isn't there? ISN'T THERE.

  Yet we were blamed for her first husband leaving - laughable.

  Have you contacted the St George Psyciatric Hospital for a report yet guys?

STAY TUNED - The next in our slander series will have some more information FROM WITHIN.
A posting from someone who does not see me as the bastard she thinks I am.
Stay safe.

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