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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

         Yes, again I realise it has been a while since I last posted to your favourite blog.
  This not to say that the hate and backstabbing in the community has ceased, OMG no, it thrives as always.
  However I have been bogged down with other things.
  The bulk of us until last Monday being the organising of a huge anniversary celebration up in Queensland for the 10th anniversary of a closed sugar mill in Nambour.

  Working in the Filo community is obviously a nearly 24/7 project in itself, but then comes the horrific typhoon Yolanda, which smashed its way through the Philippines a few days ago,   leaving nothing but death and destruction over many islands - including where our family is mostly located.

  My philosophy is, however, not to judge others by the disgusting attitudes of many of their brethren here in Australia, you must remain open minded to others who are innocents in this going on,

To this end, we (along with our good friends at BM Express) are offering a food and clothing service (thanks to Red Cross Philippines) to help those in most need.

If you have tinned food, clothes/shoes used or new, medicinals, sheets etc, please donate to the struggling people of the Philippines.

More details at:

Thank you for helping them.