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Friday, April 20, 2012


Shear stupidity - SIGH, that's what I think when I look back on all those years I seriously considered life in our local Filipino community around Eastlakes/Mascot. I gave up my beautiful existence for the futile idea that friendships were real here, that people, at least around Eastlakes/Mascot, were genuine in what they say and do.
Most of my life was not spent with ungrateful scum. It was actually spent out bush in locations that become very familiar to me. Cootamundra especially, but Cowra, Melbourne, Albury, Parkes, Bathurst, ahhhh yes, they were all second homes for me, different oasis from the city in which I was born and bred, but never truly felt I belonged.
However, their evil EVIL doings have had a positive affect. 
Yes it is true. While they still continue their gossiping and self-destroying path and false friendships, I only have to feel a sense of relief like I have never had in the past. A sense of being home the second I past that ghastly Campbelltown turnoff and see trees, paddocks, fresh air and a intense experience of what life is supposed to be.

Recently I took the kids down to Canberra, primarily for the annual model railway exhibition, but also a side track to Captains Flat (an old mining town) and to the lovely Lake George Lookout, which was significantly different with water actually being in there for the first time that I can remember.

Nasty little fellas hey.
Scavanging, taking what they can get for free, taking responsibility for nobody including themselves and foraging off those who are down.
Ants - yes there is more than a passing resemblance to past friends. LOL 

Lake George - the water be a long way off, but still quite remarkable for a lake that I have only seen as a big dry paddock.

Rural Australia, beautiful, quiet and backstabbing free.
Ohhhhhh but to live ones entire life in such bliss.