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Wednesday, December 4, 2013


For ten years I have been part of the Filipino community here in Sydney.
 A fair few of those years were spent driving them around, picking up kids, taking them shopping, taking them to discos, putting on parties for them, treating them like family.

ONLY to be treated like shit in return, gossiped about, back stabbed, lied about (see Racquel's tripe earlier) - one (who portrayed themselves as a best mate) even trying to destroy my business in a marginal market.
I keep being told similar stories in an effort to help with the hatred and disgust I feel - but this serves little but to make it worse. Knowing that it is more widespread than a bit of scum around Eastlakes, Hillsdale and Kingsgrove does not instill much confidence.

I can do little more than warn others and I shall now devote myself to doing this.
Throw away those rose coloured glasses everyone and take a look at reality.

Having done so much to help them here - having done so much to help there.
This weekend was a wake up call.
I like volunteer helping, but sometimes its far more fulfilling to do it where it is appreciated.

With that in mind, this is my last posting here.
I no longer feel any pride in being the 'Aussie Aswang' or the tag of being 'The Aussie Filipino'.
I've been hurt far to much.

Goodbye - Goodluck to you all,