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Monday, January 28, 2013

Pia and MrX Couple Up
A Fairytale Come True
There is nothing like a wedding in the Filipino community here, Tanduay Rum on tap ensuring the harshest of thirst is quenched, more delicious foods than you can imagine (usually enough left over for a weeks feeding afterwards), karaoke music blaring and the latest gossip and rumour exchange.
So it was a brave, deathly ill, or uninvited mongrel member of the community that did not turn up for the wedding event of 2012.
People came from far and wide, some enduring the dangers of driving out of Campbelltown, while others took their lives in their own hands risking a trip from the Riverina in a FORD.
It was one of those truly special days, one of those events that you never forget, one that holds a special part in your heart forever - yep the day the Tanduay is unlimited and FREE!
However, we were there for bigger reasons, ones even more important than the adobo, well marginally more important than the adobo, we were here for the coupling up in marriage of my cousin Pia and ol mate MrX (NOTE: For legal reasons we have had to not include photos of MrX at his request).
Its a special occasion where two become one, as they come together in front of all their friends to express their love for each other and devotion to spend blah blah blah blah.
You know it all. In reality, for a guy its the end of decision making and for the friends, the end of all that pre-marriage lovely dovey shit we must endure.
So please join us as we go through that what was the coupling of 2012.
Sadly  I have had to omit some photos in case we receive a deal from New Idea or Womans Day.
Sadly also, I may have accidentally included some captions in the photos after MrX requested that those 'stupid comments' be left off them. I thusly apologise for any accidental hilarity this may cause.