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Friday, November 14, 2014


Howdee one and all,
                                 My life after extricating myself from the horror that was the Eastlakes Filipino community has been a busy one. After a couple of years of endless gossip, hate spreading and pointless karaoke nights, I find myself and and trying to further the railway history cause.
  Unlike the ungrateful members of the Filo community in Eastlakes, my efforts are appreciated enough to find myself with an invitation to the recent celebration of the new 'Kywong Heritage Railway'project down in the Riverina town of, not surprisingly, Kywong.

  Many know the misery I went through during my involvement with the board of the 'Railways and Industrial Heritage Society Philippines inc'. Trying to raise money there, while contending with the narrow minded belief that we were a money printing factory, lead to a barrage of insults from both the board and racial bigots living in Alabang who pretend to have the Philippines best interests at heart.

  Subsequently a number of groups have been set up, the latest being the 'Manila Railroad Club Company' which, as a company, does not instill the greatest confidence in their plans for the future.
  Sadly, one is filled with regret as to what we could have achieved in the Philippines if egos did not interfere - but a good feeling that maybe the money will be appreciated here in rural preservation.

  The following photos are from the Kywong celebrations.