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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

  It is not often that the Aswang gets correspondence that is not in the form of death threats or marriage proposals, so I was excited to find this among my massive pile of one email today.
  While it may seem relevant to the arseholes that form the Eastlakes/Mascot/Malabar community, I believe it is actually more aimed at our recent fund raising excersises to help the poor kids of Payatas.
What the poster has said is certainly harsh, however the fact that it so clearly rings true will mean that nobody would be game enough to bite back. Afterall, even the community will tell you, that once your out here you are instantly better than all others, you are a hugely successful person that expects to be admired by all.
Not because you did anything special, not because you yourself worked hard at building a life - no someone else did that and you married them.
No, you are not good, you are not to be admired, your age does not mean you gain respect either. You are that which makes those who wish to make a difference truly sick.

Coverage of the event in question shortly on Manila-Downunder.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012



Friday, October 26, 2012


  Ahhhh yes, they do exist. Go to your average Filipino party and ask around, yes, I guarantee it will be less that two minutes before you find the first of many wishing to tell you all about their own personal arsehole.
  Sadly, even the Filipino will tell yo\u that the community is chock full of back stabbers, users and gossipers.
  They all know it, all are embarrassed by it, but all acknowledge that noting can be done about it as those who partake in the evil activities can never admit that they are indeed doing wrong and are the classic ARSEHOLE!
  You need not go far to find arseholes, indeed the heritage section of these pages are full of arseholes in the community who destroy relationships, destroy friendships, invent crap, back stab and gossip, all before heading off to church to profess their love of god.


  At the recent Filipino fiesta in Fairfield I was treated to some prime arsehole examples.
  One who we looked after for half a year at our own expense, feeding, paying utilities for obsessive internet use and all the other things that come with bludging off people.
  This person felt it mature to hide behind a stand giggling with none other than someone I once thought it great to be in business with.

  Certainly, the one we looked after was a tad on the retarded side, being committed for a while, but the other is supposed to be a normal adult - yet both acted the same way.

  There seems to be a great desire to try to bring down those in the Filipino community who go out of their way to help, usually by those within the Filipino community who have wiped their hands of the people back home.
  It is not only sad that these wankers push their own personal betterment agendas, it is sad to think that visits to the church abstain then from any wrongdoing.

Thank you

NOTE: All names withheld to protect the less mentally privileged of the community. 

Thursday, September 27, 2012

A little taste of Manila in Sydney.
It sure has been a long time since we heard from Eastlakes own 'Credibility Cat'.
Indeed, this can be excused, the life of a pussy is of course a busy one. Foraging for food, digging holes to bury the truth and eagerly spraying ones domain from place to place.
  Sadly life has not been incredibly happy since CC first touched down in Sydney from the Philippines. Dreams of controling lives Down Under soon turning to rages of hatred and personal needs are not met.
Alas, despite the best efforts made, even it fact manipulataion, still we find poor ol Credibility Cat is still as unhappy as the day she last buried a steamer in our cabbage patch.
Heres to you CC, one day there will be a place for you.

Monday, August 20, 2012


Without the gossiping backstabbers who have kindly vacated our lives in order to make it better for the rest of us. To them - we give thanks.

Now join us for a rare photographic adventure into the sordid evening of a Filo party that was cleverly disguised as a kids party. 
Go on - yoooooou know you want to.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

R-I-P Aunty Merle

At least you are now with Uncle Les where you truly wanted to be.
Don't help those of us left behind on this god awful earth who are left to miss you so very much.
See you again one day.
The last of my grandmothers sisters and my fave aunty. Australia is an extremely pooer place without you. The rural town of Cambewarra will forever now bring memories.

Monday, May 28, 2012


Oh an what 'A' holes some ex-friends, even more recent ones can become.
Even those most closest to you can turn out to have lost the anchor of moral grounding and have set sail to bastardness.
Though the course set would seem to be full of danger, one wishes this one sad remnant of a very dark local Eastlakes Filipino community period well. I hope your actions lead you to the happiness you life so desperately seems to lack. If hurting others along the way brings that happiness, then so be it.

And while we are on the subject of excess gases, extreme hot air and possible community disasters - last Saturday night, May 26th, the Orica factory at Botany (ICI plant to us old bastards) had a bit of an issue with one of their boilers leading to an excess of gas.
As with anything, OR ANYONE, totally filled to the brim with excess shit - will it has to be expelled somewhere don't it.

Here were a few shots of the Orica action at 11pm the other night.

Friday, April 20, 2012


Shear stupidity - SIGH, that's what I think when I look back on all those years I seriously considered life in our local Filipino community around Eastlakes/Mascot. I gave up my beautiful existence for the futile idea that friendships were real here, that people, at least around Eastlakes/Mascot, were genuine in what they say and do.
Most of my life was not spent with ungrateful scum. It was actually spent out bush in locations that become very familiar to me. Cootamundra especially, but Cowra, Melbourne, Albury, Parkes, Bathurst, ahhhh yes, they were all second homes for me, different oasis from the city in which I was born and bred, but never truly felt I belonged.
However, their evil EVIL doings have had a positive affect. 
Yes it is true. While they still continue their gossiping and self-destroying path and false friendships, I only have to feel a sense of relief like I have never had in the past. A sense of being home the second I past that ghastly Campbelltown turnoff and see trees, paddocks, fresh air and a intense experience of what life is supposed to be.

Recently I took the kids down to Canberra, primarily for the annual model railway exhibition, but also a side track to Captains Flat (an old mining town) and to the lovely Lake George Lookout, which was significantly different with water actually being in there for the first time that I can remember.

Nasty little fellas hey.
Scavanging, taking what they can get for free, taking responsibility for nobody including themselves and foraging off those who are down.
Ants - yes there is more than a passing resemblance to past friends. LOL 

Lake George - the water be a long way off, but still quite remarkable for a lake that I have only seen as a big dry paddock.

Rural Australia, beautiful, quiet and backstabbing free.
Ohhhhhh but to live ones entire life in such bliss.