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Thursday, May 9, 2013


  Today was the day I had planned to give the latest update in the Racquel Calabazaron report on slandering of me in public on Facebook (see earlier posting).

However, in my normal life as a railfan, transport researcher and Trekkie (yes I am a Trekkie geek - in between attacks by elements of the female Filo community), today is somewhat of a sacred one, one that I've awaited three years for.

  So I refuse to soil it with discussion about societies most hateful.

This is not to say they isn't some quite incredible news, some intriguing developments, in the whole sorry saga. It's just that there are more important 'fictional' stories to attend to than the  rantings of a deluded person.

Stay tuned, the next exciting installment will be forthcoming.
However, for those who are bored, feel free to check out this documentary on internet trolls that appears on the ABC. An interesting look into the minds of those who place rubbish on Facebook and that Twitter thing.

Live long and prosper.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

SLANDER UPDATE - 14.23   MAY 6TH 2013

  It has been two days since our first report on the latest attack from one of Eastlakes finest, some 3-4 years after we last had the blessing of hearing from her.
Oh and what an amazing two days it has been, visits and comments from numerous friends have again reinforced how lucky I am, and how idiotic the recent claims truly are.
  The only true negative part in all this is the upset it has caused outsiders, most especially my parents who are urging me to take this far further than even I feel it needs to go. Really, we should try to be tolerant of people whom live a life so terribly miserable that only causing pain for others can bring them the slightest bit of happiness.


  Yesterday, as has often been done in the past, we offered the chance for Racquel (as well as husband, Ate Inday and the young girl in question) to meet with us face to face to discuss her claims. The meeting would also include a few friends who, while not directly named, would be mostly considered to be directly part of these claims.
  The husband seems to feel she will say no (obviously having something to hide), but the effort must be made to sort some of this out. Even though, realistically, we will likely just have to endure another scream fest in an effort to cover up any real truth coming forth.


The biggest questions that needs to be brought forth is:

  Why has nobody consulted the 'St George Psychiatric Hospital' for the real story instead of slandering my name and the reputation of friends across the internet?
  Has anything been said about a pregnancy and forced abortion, along with references to these in official hospital records?
  Has anyone stopped to place brain in gear and wonder why it was requested that my wife and I were the only people she trusted to pick the young girl in question up from the hospital and allow her time to get her life back on track?
  Is it a fear that the truth is not as damaging as invention?

  Sadly they are right, it is far less damaging, but not only for us, but for her as well.

Stay tuned in coming days for the latest updates.

  In the meantime, check out the history of all this at the original Manila Downunder. The link is on the right side of this page.

  And beware of who you choose to call friends....... It can haunt you forever.

Think I am in the running for the 2013 award as well :-) WoooooHooooooo

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Proud to be living rent free in their heads!

Hello all,
               This will be a particular treat for all my older readers who kept abreast of the antics of a select few in Eastlakes who pass their time spreading hatred, lies and misery.
  The last few years has been incredibly quiet as I continue with my life far removed from all this and allow others to suffer the hate that is inflicted almost daily. Although, much to my regret, an occasional person comes to me with their own tales of woe caused by this group of people.
  In an effort to control the lives of others, an attack was again made on me after my wife dared to go to a Joey Albert concert with her step-daughter. This time the allegations have become even more serious, life destroying to be quite truthful.
  I don't really care and truly wanted to just let the lies pass, I am not a vengeful person and am just enjoying the things I do in life with more intelligent examples of humanity, but I have decided to make this public already and my family/friends are all pushing me to take it further.
  However her new husband, from all reports, is a nice guy and Tins (the recipient of this posting) is likewise. I think they will suffer enough in coming years from this sort of thing and don't really deserve any more.

  Below is one of two slanderous postings placed on Facebook (since removed but screen captured and printed prior).
  The young girl in question will be known as H. I feel her real name should not be bandied around as she is a little challenged (according to her mum) and has had a terrible life resulting in her being in a mental hospital 'PRIOR' to moving in with us (verifiable from St George Psychiatric Hospital records).
  That this woman has chosen to name her openly on the internet again shows exactly the type of person she is.
  I've also removed surnames, on advisement of a friends solicitor, for legal reasons. However these will be available on an official statement.

   Now you will have to excuse me if I miss things. Most of it is in Tagalog (mostly the stuff she is scared I will read) and I've had to go through translators.
  Please also note that in the past numerous requests were made for a face to face meeting, all of which were declined and all before these latest invented rumours were thought of.

* Lets start with the funniest claim of all. Apparently my strict religious wife sat by and allowed me to pimp out young girls as prostitutes at our parties :-)
Further more I sold girls, especially 'H', to friends at these parties for sex and apparently sold Filipino girls to guys for similar reward.
OMG, my secret is out :-)
  Yeah, I own five houses in our street and each one is set up as a den of sin. (That's a joke for the idiots).
  I have developed a new mind powering conjuring trick that I use to make girls give themselves willingly, even while there mothers and fathers (see Ate Inday) are right there at said sordid parties. :-)
  My $250 Commodore and $300 Minibus is testimony to this lucrative business.
  I think the find most offensive about this is that she didn't even take the time to invent some believable gossip about me. But it does not have to be believable to those who know me to be slanderous of my character and standing to those who don't.

* Now I hate to disprove the words of someone else, especially when it makes them more violent and prone to stupid rumour making.
  Yes 'H' did suffer depression. She was admitted to the St George Psychiatric Hospital' (verifiable by them) after a boyfriend got violent and forced himself on her. At this time I had not seen 'H' after she left home (allegedly due to cruel parents - a claim from her that I do not believe) and shacked up with some guy (said to be in the Rozelle area). I was in the Philippines when I was first told about this via Yahoo Messenger.
  The hospital called us as 'H' saw us as her only way out and asked if we would come see her. 'H' begged me to take responsibility for her and after meetings with hospital staff (regarding what had happened to her - I've left the worst bit out because if found out it would hurt her mum badly) she was released to us.
  The next 6+ months she used our food, electricity, water and our hospitality until she was caught out in another big lie (verifiable through those who she lied to) and admitted herself to hospital, but again asked us to help her.
  Her days involved sleeping and claiming WELFARE PAYMENTS and her nights were spent on the internet endlessly. Not a healthy life and when we tried to force her to do something more productive, she again ran away. NO THANKS - NO NOTHING. Just used us.

  Perhaps mistruths made in an effort to get back home are the basis for this.
  However, official hospital records will show the whole truth of what happened - a story incredibly different to statements above.

* Another funny one is the claim that I look down on Filipino people. Here we are clasping at straws to gain sympathy from people who choose to believe only one story without bothering to gain the perspective of all.

  Here we have a classic case of trying to translate feelings aimed at her into something that is aimed at everyone for maximum sympathy.
  The facts are: I work seven days around Filipino people, I married a Filipino person, some of my closest friends are Filipino, four of my god children are full or half Filipino, I donate money to and sponsor events aimed at raising money for Filipino children, I run a Philippine railway society that has aimed (14 years) to promote a museum for the Filipino people, my children are half Filipino and on numerous occasions I have risked myself in arguments defending the Filipino people.
  Those who know me know I love the Philippines and the Filipino people. I do hate those who lie, gossip and manipulate things for their own benefit and the destroy others, then use attendance at church as a 'Get Out Free Ticket'. For that I don't apologise, as they bring a proud and good nationality into disrepute.
  I've often been told I am more Filipino than many Filipinos. Why is that.

* We were never close friends as claimed. We were friends of a friend of hers who lost the bulk of HER friends due to a belief in these mistruths.

Alas that is all I have had translated thus far - however this is a small look at what evil is common around parts of the community here. Something I find very sad is that such potentially beautiful people can choose to manipulate the truth to benefit themselves.

  A second posting was made and printed out, but a screen capture not taken before the Fabebook wall owner removed the whole slanderous thread.

* CENTRELINK - It was claimed that I bludged on Centerlink for two years during the time I was involved with this woman. Centerlink records will show otherwise.
CENTERLINK would not give me money because, A) I was doing casual exhibition electrical work and B) my wife was fully employed.
  So the rules of the Federal Government prove this blatant lie.

* DEPRESSION - Yep, have suffered it twice. The main time was back in the days when fuel was breaching the $1 mark and, as a console operator, I bore the brunt of abuse. This coming from equally ignorant people who actually thought I controlled world fuel prices :-)
  This was in the days prior to my unfortunate association with these people.
  I had a second small bout of it, as did my friend Gina (both verifiable through medical records), due to the endless lies of this very same woman. But ridding myself of them has seen it go away forever.

* LOST ALL MY FRIENDS - Really? Only one I can think of that left of their own accord and not at my desire. I gave up on hanging out with select people well before my wife did, many due to actions not in line with good people.
  I look at all my friends today, some that I even went to school with decades ago, and here we are still mates today. Strange contradiction to the claim that all my friends leave me due to me being a bastard.
  Interesting, as an aside, that to this day I am close friends with this persons ex-husband. Ironic. Ahhhh memories, I remember many a lie and accusation about harbouring him when he was actually living out west.

  Was happily photographing around Ocean View and Robertson all day and my son 'obviously' does not make me privy to his passwords.
That's called privacy - Google it for a meaning.


Thank you to all those who have given their support and help during this latest attack. I have taken all your thoughts and suggestions on board and will be discussing possibilities further early in the week.
However I am not a vengeful person (this being why she enjoys attacking me with rubbish all the time - yet being to scared to attack others she hates), so she will no doubt get away with it again - and she knows it. Enjoy your moment - I'm happy for you.
One day she will come up against someone a little less forgiving. Her often hidden behind god being the most likely. God saw the truth with that pregnant lady at Matraville RSL, even if the cameras 'alledgedly' didn't.
Thank You / Maraming Salamat Po