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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

  It is not often that the Aswang gets correspondence that is not in the form of death threats or marriage proposals, so I was excited to find this among my massive pile of one email today.
  While it may seem relevant to the arseholes that form the Eastlakes/Mascot/Malabar community, I believe it is actually more aimed at our recent fund raising excersises to help the poor kids of Payatas.
What the poster has said is certainly harsh, however the fact that it so clearly rings true will mean that nobody would be game enough to bite back. Afterall, even the community will tell you, that once your out here you are instantly better than all others, you are a hugely successful person that expects to be admired by all.
Not because you did anything special, not because you yourself worked hard at building a life - no someone else did that and you married them.
No, you are not good, you are not to be admired, your age does not mean you gain respect either. You are that which makes those who wish to make a difference truly sick.

Coverage of the event in question shortly on Manila-Downunder.