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Thursday, March 28, 2013

A rare break from the everyday drudgery of life saw us head on down to the harbour for an evening of fun, food, views and arguments.
Despite the Arctic winds, rain and temperatures during summer, oh and the fighting, the night was very much enjoyed.

Soon to be part of Sydney history is the monorail that has both annoyed and frustrated Sydneysiders since the late 80s. July 1st sees it torn down and melted down for Korean cars.

A grand old lady of Sydney Harbour is the preserved South Steyne.
After finishing her career plying the Circular Quay to Manly run, she was later sent to Melbourne (presumably a punishment for something bad she did) and was converted into restaurant.
Following serving of her time, we again got her back and today she sits here feeding hungry people with lots of money.

Summer and coats were the go. Yet as I type this it is nearly April and Sydney is sweltering.
The world is screwed I tells ya.

Another of Sydney's grand old ladies is the Baragoola which, after many many years of neglect, has escaped scrapping/sinking through a group set up to restore her.
The massive task is being undertaken by volunteers.
If you wish to help, or donate, feel free to contact them HERE!

Not our boat for the evening, but one that has some good and bad memories.
Went on an awesome Xmas cruise with the Kami band on this boat once. A long night of food, drinkies, singing and dancing that will never be forgotten.
What a shame the memory is tarnished by some community hypocrites we chose to associate with. Alas though, would not have swapped the night for anything, pond scum included.

What the? Some strange ones got on the boat before us.

Ahhhhhh, cruising Sydney Harbour is still a pretty cool way to spend an evening, though FRIENDSHIP is not quite as beautiful as her predecessors above.
Join me again shortly, as I take you on a continuous look around life in the Sydney Filipino and uncover a few of the dark crappy secrets and attitudes that lay within.
Happy Easter - Stay Safe :-)