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Monday, May 28, 2012


Oh an what 'A' holes some ex-friends, even more recent ones can become.
Even those most closest to you can turn out to have lost the anchor of moral grounding and have set sail to bastardness.
Though the course set would seem to be full of danger, one wishes this one sad remnant of a very dark local Eastlakes Filipino community period well. I hope your actions lead you to the happiness you life so desperately seems to lack. If hurting others along the way brings that happiness, then so be it.

And while we are on the subject of excess gases, extreme hot air and possible community disasters - last Saturday night, May 26th, the Orica factory at Botany (ICI plant to us old bastards) had a bit of an issue with one of their boilers leading to an excess of gas.
As with anything, OR ANYONE, totally filled to the brim with excess shit - will it has to be expelled somewhere don't it.

Here were a few shots of the Orica action at 11pm the other night.