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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Tin Tin's Fourth Birthday
Freddo Party. Pt1

It was the party of the year, as plans all come together (if not the invitation responses) on Tin's grand Freddo party.
Twas to be a great evening of friends, some we have not seen in ages and one we will likely never see again.
It has been a while since any updates have been done, but then again, things have not been to positive since the attack of a local nutbag (see earlier posting).
Enjoy this two part look at the event.


Peek a boo

I won the bet.

Kuya Tom finally makes a visit to our humble establishment.

Chipmunk tries to hide from camera by closing her eyes.

My mum and wife along with a selection of family and friends, including the ever suffering lil cousin Pia. Glad to see her smiling.

Grub time.

Our good mate Darry with my godson Baby Joseph.

Yes Tin's, you do have to share.

Stay tuned in coming days for more party depravity, as we get later into the night and swill even more beverages.
Go on - you know you want to.