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Wednesday, March 25, 2015


All the sordid events from a great Filipino party.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Shame they can't invest some funds in the port at Manila and come up with a logical rail based solution in which to serve it.
Common sense is not all that hard to achieve.

Sunday, December 14, 2014


  Greedy mongrel banks are threatening both your local Filipino shop and your access to cheap money transfer to loved ones back in the Philippines.
  Westpac and St George banks have been actively closing down accounts of any small business involved with money remit services - forcing people to use their more expensive 'money-grabbing'services. Other big banks are doing the same, with little regard to the welfare of those struggling to live in the Philippines, little to care if they live or die.

  If they are allowed to destroy these services, many Australian Filipino businesses will be destroyed, many people will be out of work (again).

  Average fees from a bank are around $30, where as the small local remit providers do it for as little as $8 to Manila.
  Rates at banks are always well below that of the local remit provider. A recent example being 36.90 (compared to the bank in the very low 35s).
   Bank transfers take up to a week, where your local provider do it in as little as a few hours, or the next day.
  Relative dying in hospital in the provinces awaiting for funding - those Australian bank managers don't care less.

  Its an absolute disgrace - don't remain quite and whinge about it later as always, stand up and be heard.

Philippine Sentinel Newspaper

Australian Remittance And Currency Providers Association

Please SIGN THE PETITION  takes 2 minutes and saves 20 years of complaining later.

Thank you

Wednesday, December 10, 2014


While the gossipers are still gossiping and the haters still hating, time out from the Sydney Filo community to organise a tour resulted in a very historic run to the small rural town of Naradhan.
A lovely place with the loveliest people.
This was the first time this type of locomotive had ever been there and may well be the last.

Away from all the demoralisation tactics, anyone can achieve anything.

Left to Right

David (Customer Service), Brad and Greg (Organisers), David and David (Customer Service), Rodney (BBQ Cookerer) and Sean (Entertainment Officer)
Thanks to everyone.

Photo: David Philips on Greg Stock's camera

Friday, November 14, 2014


Howdee one and all,
                                 My life after extricating myself from the horror that was the Eastlakes Filipino community has been a busy one. After a couple of years of endless gossip, hate spreading and pointless karaoke nights, I find myself and and trying to further the railway history cause.
  Unlike the ungrateful members of the Filo community in Eastlakes, my efforts are appreciated enough to find myself with an invitation to the recent celebration of the new 'Kywong Heritage Railway'project down in the Riverina town of, not surprisingly, Kywong.

  Many know the misery I went through during my involvement with the board of the 'Railways and Industrial Heritage Society Philippines inc'. Trying to raise money there, while contending with the narrow minded belief that we were a money printing factory, lead to a barrage of insults from both the board and racial bigots living in Alabang who pretend to have the Philippines best interests at heart.

  Subsequently a number of groups have been set up, the latest being the 'Manila Railroad Club Company' which, as a company, does not instill the greatest confidence in their plans for the future.
  Sadly, one is filled with regret as to what we could have achieved in the Philippines if egos did not interfere - but a good feeling that maybe the money will be appreciated here in rural preservation.

  The following photos are from the Kywong celebrations.


Tuesday, September 2, 2014

RIP - Kingsgrove Filipino Shop

That karma is an absolute bitch.

As they say - treat unto others how you wish to be treated unto yourself.
Good rules to stick by me thinks.

There ya go Eastlakes gossiping grubs.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014



Having mostly extracted myself from the hatred of the community here, I have found much more enjoyment  in going back to my roots.
No, not those roots that the gossipers would have you believe, but the hobbies and interests I once had.
Ironically, in doing this, I have found some new and great friends. One who know the value of loyalty, truth, and working together to help each other in times of need.
Certainly a foreign concept for the Eastlakes Filo community, which pains me as much as it SHOULD pain them.
Recently we had a fundraiser for one of our S*M*U*T (Strange Modelers of Universal Trains) members who had a bad accident. Thankfully he is now on the mend, but we aimed to help this along with some good books, lollies and a card.