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Friday, October 26, 2012


  Ahhhh yes, they do exist. Go to your average Filipino party and ask around, yes, I guarantee it will be less that two minutes before you find the first of many wishing to tell you all about their own personal arsehole.
  Sadly, even the Filipino will tell yo\u that the community is chock full of back stabbers, users and gossipers.
  They all know it, all are embarrassed by it, but all acknowledge that noting can be done about it as those who partake in the evil activities can never admit that they are indeed doing wrong and are the classic ARSEHOLE!
  You need not go far to find arseholes, indeed the heritage section of these pages are full of arseholes in the community who destroy relationships, destroy friendships, invent crap, back stab and gossip, all before heading off to church to profess their love of god.


  At the recent Filipino fiesta in Fairfield I was treated to some prime arsehole examples.
  One who we looked after for half a year at our own expense, feeding, paying utilities for obsessive internet use and all the other things that come with bludging off people.
  This person felt it mature to hide behind a stand giggling with none other than someone I once thought it great to be in business with.

  Certainly, the one we looked after was a tad on the retarded side, being committed for a while, but the other is supposed to be a normal adult - yet both acted the same way.

  There seems to be a great desire to try to bring down those in the Filipino community who go out of their way to help, usually by those within the Filipino community who have wiped their hands of the people back home.
  It is not only sad that these wankers push their own personal betterment agendas, it is sad to think that visits to the church abstain then from any wrongdoing.

Thank you

NOTE: All names withheld to protect the less mentally privileged of the community.